verona series

Beauty knows no compromise - neither do you

The Verona Series is a new concept in quartz, inspired by the region’s long tradition in natural marble and pursuit of stone excellence

This series is created using only the highest quality natural quartz and proprietary binders to give a depth and translucence not yet achieved in engineered stone.   Its remarkable strength allows us to produce full slabs that are only 8mm thick,  opening up entirely new applications for quartz.

With exclusive new designs, the Verona Series of Quartz has all the benefits of quartz surfaces with the beauty of natural marble. Its non-porous, stain and scratch-resistant surface make it superior over nature marble for all countertop applications

from unique onyx patterns

to luxurious limestone textures

explore the possibilities

This Verona Series Quartz manages to capture the depth and nuances of natural marble that up to this point has proven illusive

– Alberto Mozzanega, Engineer and Designer, Verona


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