John Keats is a famous English poet who may or may not have had a quartz countertop (probably not…), but nevertheless, we though it would be interesting to explore what Keats might have written, had he had the occasion to write about a new  countertop that he received from Guava Quartz.  Here is our attempt:

Thou still unravished countertop of quartz,
Fair gem of kitchen and bathroom, how dost thou
Outshine the marbles and granites of old!
What tale dost thou tell in thy smooth, clear form,
Of modern design and practicality bold?

Thou art an emblem of utility and grace,
A masterpiece of man’s desire for order,
Thy colors gleam with a dazzling pure face,
A symbol of progress, a gleam of newfound border.

On thy surface, where kitchen knives doth play,
The stains of culinary arts dost thou endure,
Without a single scratch or chip to betray
The daily wear of a homemaker’s allure.

And, when the home is still, and all is quiet,
Thou seem’st to glow with a gentle light,
As if thou art a vision from the night,
A dream of beauty, a shining sight.

Oh quartz countertop, thou art a wonder!
A gift of modernity and style,
In every home, thou dost make a thunder,
With thy aesthetic charm and functionality mile by mile.

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