Have you ever wondered what our Guava Quartz Care and Maintenance Instructions would sound like if written by Shakespeare?  So did we!  Here is our attempt… enjoy!

O gentle keeper of thy quartz abode,
Attend to these five steps, lest it corrode:

First, with soap and water, cleanse its face,
And banish dirt and grime with gentle grace.

Next, a soft cloth must be thy tool of choice,
For harsh abrasives can raise its voice.

Third, beware of chemicals both strong and vile,
Like bleach and acids, that its beauty defile.

Fourth, guard it well from scorching heat’s attack,
With trivets placed beneath, ’twill not crack.

And last, if thy food must needs first chop,
Ensure thy vittles are placed on wooden block.

With these five steps thou shalt ensure,
To keep thy countertop beauteous and pure.

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